Importance of Perspective

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   You will never be able to stop anxiety. The anxious feelings you dread so much are inevitable. You cannot run, hide or wish them away. The answer lies within the response to anxiety. This is where power of perspective comes in. It’s all about how you perceive whats at hand. Depending on how you view each situation determines how you will react or respond. Only as long as you see anxiety as a threat, will it be a threat. Now replace threat with friend. Only as long as you see anxiety as a friend, will it be a friend. A friend is a term I like to use because friends are a major part of life. They can be many things, influential, life saving, life altering the list goes on. I mean we are who we surround ourselves with right? Anxiety should be viewed like a friend, not a threat or enemy. There are many benefits that can come from changing your perspective. This could ultimately change your life like it did mine. I have become thankful and even grateful for my anxious mind.
   I hated my anxiety so much. I use to picture myself pulling an imaginary silhouette out of my body. Pretending to shoot it, I wanted to “kill” anxiety. I remember acting this out on a walk to the video store with my best friend. I stated to him that this symbolized the death of the old me, I will never go back. So I thought. All I  wanted was to be free from this nightmare. There was so much anger and frustration built up. I was distraught and in pain. I couldn’t comprehend how something in my head could so easily destroy my life. I was afraid to live. I accepted that life was not meant for me. Little did I know that the way I viewed anxiety was the very reason I was a victim for so many years.
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   My perspective has changed immensely over the past few years. I went from fighting an enemy to meeting with a friend on a daily basis. Only as long as you fear these anxious feelings, these feelings will be feared. Now try replacing fear with welcome. Only as long as you welcome these anxious feelings, these feelings will be welcomed. When welcoming something you are showing in a friendly way how glad you are about its arrival. Over time I learned to embrace anxiety as a part of me. I call this the anxious embrace. I wouldn’t be who I was without it. All the hard times and experiences made me stronger, wiser and more understanding. With these changes of perspective, I was able to sap all the power that was held over me. I eliminated the threat and fear of anxiety. Replacing hate with peace and fear with comfort.
   Unfortunately, this change is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot more than just altering a few sentences. But those alterations are how I view anxiety every day now. Changing my perspective was the most important step I made in gaining control of my life. I had to start small, enrolling positive energy and thoughts into everyday habits. This lead into how I perceived every encounter. I began to maintain positivity in my life more and more. I use to walk around with my head down everywhere I went. After I regained hope that I could have a “real” life everything began to change. With my head up, I finally noticed how beautiful the world is. My perspective changed greatly, instead of being stuck in my mind walking blindly I was able to see clearly. I gained back a touch of reality that I lost so long ago.
   I give the credit of having the ability to change my perspective to religion. It was through the word of god that I learned how to see the good in the bad. Learn lessons from encounters that would have left me full of spite and anger in the past. Religion gave me a light in this dark world. But that’s a topic for another blog down the road.


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